Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Color Purple

The other night I took a long stroll with the hound dog. The sun was setting and I was sure I'd still be out walking as it became dark. The cherry on top of this sunset sundae was, but of course, the smell. I have to say, the wild flower selection in the mid-west is phenomenal. For example, Queen Anne's Lace (which is actually a weed!) turns my commute home in to a drive through a garden.

Back to my walk... On this night I found an unusually furry flower. It had a clover smell to it, but didn't look like all of his other clover friends. it was purple, and man did it smell purple!! And then I thought, "what does purple smell like?" I couldn't detect any artificially flavored grape soda, so I smelled on. I just kept jamming that poor flower up my nose, which got me no closer to my answer. Does any one know what this flower/weed/delicious specimen is?

I may not know what purple really smells like, but at least someone knows what it sounds like. Please, indulge yourself for a few minutes and watch.


  1. Elise it could be Carduus acanthoides L. - a spiny plumeless thistle - see the following link...

  2. Elise it may be a Carduus acanthoides L. - a spiny plumeless thistle. See the link below for a picture.


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