Thursday, July 8, 2010

What Dan's Nose Thinks...

"You know those grates you walk over on the sidewalks of Chicago? The ones where sometimes there is cooler temperature burst of air coming from the tunnels below. Well, it is interesting because this air sort of smells musty and old, probably because it is. But, even though the smell is itself is negative, I actually find it to be somewhat nostalgic. It reminds me of some of the rides at Disney Land that incorporate water (It's a small world) and other theme parks. It is a musty, old smell but attached to good memories growing up. Just a thought, and a weird one at that."

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  1. My parents built an outdoor kitchen when I was in college partly because they didn't want the house to smell whenever they cooked food. However, that smell of cooked food, though sometimes oily or fishy or whatever, is what "home" smells like. It's not always such an ostensibly pleasant smell--because it's not the smell of "cleanliness"--but it is the smell of coming home after practice or of waking up Saturday morning after a long night or of the afternoon before the big family party. Not all good smells have to be so ostensibly "pleasant"; sometimes they just gotta evoke the right memories.


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