Sunday, July 18, 2010

Boston...generally smelling

I just returned from a whirlwind 48 hours in New England. First stop, Boston. Many spots in Boston just smell like garbage. There's a lot of people and they have to throw stuff out so I guess that's the simple explanation. But there are SO many other wonderful smells just from my first of two nights.

First at bat ... Fenway! I didn't actually go to a game at the park, but my friend Arielle lives in it's backyard. Walking down Lansdowne St on the way to dinner, my lil nose was invaded mostly by street meat, beer, and dudes with too much cologne and hair gel. Wouldn't a game smell empty without meat and beer? A vegetarian/recovering alcoholic's baseball game must be like getting stuck on a plane on the tarmac. Or something else that isn't very fun.

Above: Arielle gets ready to knock one back.

The first thing I crave when I step off the plane at Logan, is the wonderful combination of oysters and cocktails. In fact, I crave that every morning when I wake up. Juuuuuust kidding. Really though, I love anything briney. Just add lemon and horseradish, and you've got a powerful seaside trifecta. Sharp, sweet, bitter...makes my eyes water. It's no suprise that there are many great places in Boston for bivalves. My favorites are B & G Oysters, and Eastern Standard. We chose the latter, which is host to bevvy of fond memories and a great cast of characters. I know I should try some new places, but it's been a few years since I have lived there, and nothing makes me feel like I'm home more than the old standbys.

Of course, no post about Boston would be complete without the T. I used to take it everyday for work, and, despite the fact that this appears to be a new car, it still has the T Signature Scent: Musty with a side of feet, sneakers, and money. I'm not sure why I smell money on the T. Maybe it's just dirty paper..or people. The jury's out on that one, anyway.

....And now, because I just can't resist....

See you next time BOS. For now, it's back to MKE.

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