Monday, August 2, 2010

What Brita's Nose Thinks...

Brita explores her sense of sight (and a lot of taste) over at her blog
recently weighed in about some of her faves...

"I just got this little top at a vintage store and I wore it without giving its a proper cleaning, which I guess is kind of gross but there's something about that musty smell of vintage cotton that I love. Walking into an antique store and being transported with that vague aroma of grandmothers, and screened in porches and days gone by makes me feel like Im finding clues to something I was never a part of. It seems to be made up of one part old earl grey tea and one part beach blanket that has spent all day on the clothesline."

"While were at it, bain de soleil orange gelee is one of my top five favorite smells in the universe, and it goes hand in hand with that vintage cottony smell. It recalls the beach without ever being there. Somehow how they got the sand and the seagulls and the sailboat all packed into a little tube. It reminds me of napping in the sun and conjures up old photographs of my mom on a printed sofa in her bathing suit. It what I imagine the seventies would smell like."

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