Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Plastic Shower Curtain

I just moved in to a new apartment. With this change, comes the responsibility of buying new shower curtain liners. Whenever I move, I always grapple with the decision to buy something cheap and low quality, or buy something not cheap and of higher quality. Inevitably, I do both, and regret my first purchase while making the second one. Such was the case with the first shower curtain, above, purchased at Wallgreen's for 4 bucks. Note to self, not all shower curtain liners are created equal.

Ok well here's my point: There is a particular kind of plastic that this particular liner smelled of. And it's the same plastic these cheap-0 inner tubes are made of. I opened the curtain liner package and was whisked away to summer time memories of floating. It also reminded me that, as a young girl, I thought it would be cool to keep small pets in the inner tubes. Sounds cruel, I know, but I was a kid so give me a break. It's not like I ever did it.

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