Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Soon, it'll be that cozy time of year again. Dried leaves mixed with sunshine mixed with a great new sweater. I got a little preview of a favorite fall smell last week while visiting good friends of mine in their (early 19th century?) cottage. The thing about fireplaces to remember, is that they always smell better/more from outside of the home. This fire smelled great, don't get me wrong, but passing by a house with a fire in the fireplace is sometimes more romantic than being in the house. There always seems to be feelings of envy mixed with feeling of warmth and comfort that are hard to resolve. Hot n cold.

"Oh man i LOOOOVE that smell. Thank you whoever has that fire going" and "damn you for being so cozy in there"

Next time i pass by this smokey treat, I'll try to remember that even though I'm the one out in the cold, I've really got the best seat (in the house... yuk yuk)


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