Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fall in Chi Town: Whiskey 2 Ways

mmmm...meat and cheeeeeese.

Above: The competition.

Above: Home turf. Below: approaching the competition.

The folks I go to grad school with are wonderful. A few of them graciously hosted a whiskey tasting party this past weekend. Our party boasted over 10 species of bourbon, whiskey and the like. I took a quick survey of the spread, and, after mixing myself a Bulleit with Tea, I headed upstairs.

A delightful component of this party was the roof deck on which it was hosted. (See above, weep with envy.) As soon as I popped my face out of the door and on to the roof, all sorts of cermel-ey spicy deliciousness slapped me in the face and yelled, "FALL IS HERE!!" I followed my nose to an outdoor grill, which, instead of the expected burger, was keeping a sweet batch of whiskey cider perfectly warm.

I tried to remain loyal to the bounty of my comrades party, but I couldn't help myself. So I tried a cup. And then i tried another, just to be sure it was as tasty as the first one.

Growing up in Massachusetts, where apple picking is the go-to fall sport, the smell of cider means cold is near. Mixing it with such a wonderful night made the upcoming chilly weather feel just a little bit warmer.

Cheese ball.

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